Create Sparkline In Excel with Detail- Techforearn

Create Sparkline In Excel with Detail- Techforearn

Create Sparkline In Excel with Detail- Techforearn 

Create Sparkline In Excel

Sparkline is a New feature in Microsoft Excel 2010. A Sparkline is a small type of chart in a worksheet cell that provide a visual representation of data. Sparkline's are used to show trends in a series of values, such as seasonal increase or decreases, economic cycles, or to highlight maximum and minimum values. It is necessary to position a Sparkline near to its data for best impact.

Creating Sparkline's

Generally, there is one Sparkline for each row, but it can create as many as needed in any location. Just like with formulas, it is usually very easy to create a single Sparkline and then use the fill handle use automatically create Sparkline for the remaining rows.


Inserting Sparkline's

Select the cells where Sparkline's will be applied. 
Create Sparkline In Excel

Click the Insert tab.

In the Sparkline's group, select Line. A dialog box will appear.

Make sure the insertion point is next to Location Range.

Click the on the desired cell.

Click OK. The Sparkline will appear.

Changing the Sparkline Type

Select the Sparkline that is wanted to change.

Locate the Type group in the Design tab.

Select the decried type.

The Sparkline will update to reflect the new type.

Use Different Charts in Excel

The steps for creating a basic column chart in Excel are:

Select the data which wanted to be in the chart. Insert row and column heading but not the title for the data table.

Click on the insert tab of the Ribbon.

In the Charts box of the ribbon click on the Insert Column Chart icon to open the drop down list of available chart types.

Hover mouse pointer over a chart type to read a description of the chart.

Click on the desired chart.

A plain, unformatted chart that displays only the columns, representing the selected serries a default chart title, a legend, and axes values, will be added to the current worksheet.

Adding or Removing Titles in a chart

For making a chart easy to understand, titles can be added to it. Such as a chart title and axis titles, to any type of chart. Axis titles are generally available for all axes that can be displayed in a chart. Some chart types (such as radar charts) have axes, but they do not display axis titles. Chart types that do not have axes (such as pie and doughnut chart) cannot display axis titles either.

A chart and axis titles can also be linked to corresponding text in worksheet cells by creating a reference to those cells. Linked titles are automatically updated in the chart when the text is changed in corresponding worksheet. A chart titles can be removed if it does not need.

Modifying Legend Entries on the Worksheet

Click the cell that contain the name of the data series that appears as an entry in the chart legend.

Type the new name, and then press ENTER

The new name will automatically appear in the legend on the chart.

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