How to change Page Layout Urdu In-page – Techforearn

 How to change Page Layout Urdu In-page – Techforearn

How to change Page Layout Urdu In-page – Techforearn

Page Layout:


Page layout includes formatting of page such as page size, margin, orientation and page number. After completion of this article, you will be able to demonstrate the different page sizes and page margins in the In-page file and could exhibit to add page numbering in the file.

How to change Page Layout Urdu In-page – Techforearn

1.      Specifying Page Layout and Paragraph Formatting Attributes on Text

Specify Page layout:

The dialog box that papers by clicking “New” button allows you to enter values for your document. The attributes that can be set in this dialog are

Page Size:

You can select one of the standard page’s sizes from the page Size Combo box. If a custom Size is desired, then you need to enter the page Width and Page Height.

Page Margins:

Specify the page margins distances from the respective Box boundary.

Page Orientation:

The pages in the document can either be in a Portrait mode or in a landscape mode. In Portrait mode the width and height that you specify are taken such whereas in the Landscape mode, the widths and heights are interchanged.

The procedure of specifying page layout has the following steps:

How to change Page Layout Urdu In-page – Techforearn

1.       Choose the New menu item from the File menu.

2.       A New Document dialog is displayed. You can specify the page size, orientation, margins etc. Or you can just let the default setting work for you.

3.       Click on OK button.

How to change Page Layout Urdu In-page – Techforearn

4.       A new document with the specified attributes is created.

Adding Page Number in File

Selecting this option inserts a page number field at the insertion point.

This option is available only if insertion point in Title Text box. If you are in text Edit mode inside a normal text box, this menu item appears grayed.

Remember: Anything what we write on master page is also shown on all pages of the Document.

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The procedure of adding page number has the following steps:

1.       Open the document to which you want to insert footer.

2.       Now click on Master Page option on the left corner of the page.

3.       By clicking on Master Page, a blank page will be open.

4.       Make a title text box at the desired location on the page.

5.       Go to Text Edit Mode by choosing the IBEAM Tool and clicking on this text box

6.       Choose the Page Number menu item from the Insert menu.

7.       Then click on the maser page button again.

8.       If you are inserting a page number inside a title text box on a master page, then the page number gets inserted as “#” character in master Page.

Paragraph Formatting Attributes

Paragraph Setting

Paragraph Attributes are a collection of attributes that get applied to the paragraph as a whole. Unlike the character attributes which get applied to selected characters, paragraph attributes get applied to the whole paragraph lying inside the selection. Therefore, if paragraph attribute is applied when the cursor is blinking then these attributes get applied paragraph in which the cursor is blinking.

The paragraph Attributes are as follows:

Styles Sheet Name Combo Box: All the defined style sheets appear in this combo box. You can define new style sheets by selecting the Define Style Sheets menu item from the Format menu. On selecting a Style Sheet from this combo box, the style sheets applied to the selected paragraph.

Defining New Style Sheet

The procedure to define a new style sheet has the following

How to change Page Layout Urdu In-page – Techforearn

Click on style sheet in the format menu.

Click on style sheet in the format menu.

Make a new style sheet and define the name of your Style sheet.

Click the “OK” button.

Now define the styles of paragraph, characters, border and hyphenation according to our choice and click “OK”.

Aligning Paragraph

The paragraph can be aligned on the following style.

Start Align aligns the text on left side of the frame for horizontal line direction and on top of the frame for vertical line direction.

End Align aligns the text between the frame edges. The last line of the paragraph remains start aligned.

Line Height edit Box:

You can specify the line height which sets line height of each line of text in the paragraph to this value.

Inter Line Spacing Edit Box:

How to change Page Layout Urdu In-page – Techforearn

Specifics the gap between lines.


You can apply borders before and after a paragraph The borders can also be given a line pattern style its thickness and color can also be specified.

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