How to Editing master slide in PowerPoint -

 How to Editing  master slide in PowerPoint –

 How to Editing  Master slide in PowerPoint –

Slide Master is a unique component in PowerPoint that permits speedy adjustment of the slides and sliding formats in show. This learning unit covers the system for setting up the Slide Master. After fruition of this learning unit, you will want to exhibit the methodology for getting ready Slide Master direction and format of the Slide Master.

Slide Master

A slide master is the top slide that stores information about the theme and slide layouts of a presentation. It includes the background, color, fonts, effects, and positioning. By using Slide Master, affects can be added in every Slide. Individual slide layouts can also be modified using this feature.

Key Benefits of Using Slide Master

The key benefits of using slide master us:

Modifying backgrounds: Using slide master watermark or logos can be added to every slide in a presentation or modify the background graphics of an existing PowerPoint theme.

Customizing text formatting: Using Slide Master, Text formatting can be done in all slides at once rather than formatting text on each slide.

Creating unique slide layouts: Using slide master customized layouts of slides can be possible.

Creating and Editing a Slide Master

Insert a Slide Master:

How to Editing master slide in PowerPoint -

Click on the view tab of the ribbon.

Click on the Slide Master button

Navigate to Slide Master View, from the Slide Master tab.

Click the Insert Layout command.

Customizing the Slide Master

Customizing means changing in pattern and layout of a slide.

Inserting a New Placeholder

How to Editing master slide in PowerPoint -

Note: Placeholders are the boxes with the dotted borders contain contents.

Click the button half of the InsertPlaceholder command, and then select the desired placeholder type.

Click and drag to draw the placeholder on the slide. The user can add more placeholders required.

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Changing text color/alignment on Slide Mater:

Select the View tab from the Menu Bar.

Click the Slide Master View command in the presentation Views group. The Slide Master tab will appear active.

Select the slide master for all slides if it is not currently selected.

Select the text

How to Editing master slide in PowerPoint -

you want to modify, and format it how you want.

Select the Home tab. The Slide master and supporting layouts will remain in the slide task pane on the left because Slide Master View is the current view.

Click the font color command in the Font Group.

Hover over each font option to display a live preview on the Slide Master. Select a font color from the menu options. The font color change will appear on all the slides in the task pane on the left.

Click an alignment command to change the alignment to the selected text.

Then click on Normal view button on the slide show view of the windows to exit Slide Master View and see changes in presentation slide.

Applying Theme to a Presentation

To apply a built-in theme on a presentation following are the steps:

Applying a Built-in Theme

How to Editing master slide in PowerPoint -
Applying Built-in Theme

Click on the Design Tab.

Select Built-in, click the desired theme.

The selected theme will be applied.

Applying a customized Theme

Click on the design Tab

Click browse for Themes

Locate the desired theme.

How to Editing master slide in PowerPoint -
Browsing a Customized Theme

Select themed document stored in a diriment location.

How to Editing master slide in PowerPoint -
Applying a Customized Theme

Downloading a Theme form Office Online

To download free theme from Office Online

Click More Theme on Microsoft Office Online.

Select the desired theme and apply.

How to Editing master slide in PowerPoint -
Browsing a Theme Online

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