How to insert Section Break in Word 2016 - Techforearn

 how to insert section break in word - techforearn

How to insert Section Break in Word 2016

In this article we learn about the concept of Section Break. After completion of this learning, you will be able to use section Break in the document. how to insert section break in word

How to insert Section Break in Word 2016 - Techforearn

Purpose of Section Break

Section Break: Create a Barrie between parts of the document for formatting purpose.

Note: A section Break stores the section formatting for the text above it and means the end of the section containing the text above the section break.

Section Breaks in Microsoft Word 365 can be used for following purpose

  • Use page numbering that starts at 1 for each section of your document (for example, different chapters in the same document).
  • Display text in two columns for only a portion of your document and then return to the default one column afterwards.
  • Display different header and footer information for different parts of your document.

Inserting Section Break in a Word Document

Following these steps:

How to insert Section Break in Word 2016 - Techforearn

  1. Position the insertion point in the position where you want to start a new section.
  2. On the page layout menu, click Break.
  3. The Break dialog box is displayed.
  4. Under Section break types, click the option that describes where you want the next section to begin.
  5. Click OK.
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Different Between Section Break and Page Break

Page Break: help to separate content between pages. After a page break, the following text will start at the beginning of the next page. It tells the printing device where to end the current page and begin the next.

Section Breaks: split your document into sections, enabling you to have different formatting for each section: how to insert section break in word 

Section properties include the following settings:

  • Page Orientation
  • Margins
  • Columns
  • Line Numbering
  • Vertical Alignment
  • Headers & Footers
  • Page Numbering
  • Paper Source.

Different Attributes of Break

How to insert Section Break in Word 2016 - Techforearn

Page Breaks:

Only start you on the next page, all formatting will be kept the same form your original page to your new one. Use this when you want to just start typing on a new page but want all the formatting same. The Shortcut key of Page Break is CTRL + Enter.

Column Break:

If you’ve formatted your document with columns, you know that your text will automatically flow from one column to the other. You can also insert your own column breaks if you want which gives you more control over the formatting of your document.

Text Wrapping:

Select the text beside the picture and select Text Wrapping. This will let you keep this text together with consistent formatting and will flow the rest of the document around this section.

Next Page:

If you choose this option, word breaks the page before the insertion point but shift the contents to the Next page.


How to insert Section Break in Word 2016 - Techforearn

If you choose this option, or if Word automatically applies it, Word inserts a section break before the insertion point and then begins the new section on the same page.

Even Page:

Choosing this option, Word inserts the section break (the double-dotted line) before the insertion point (in Print Layout view) and begins the new section on the next even-numbered page. For how to insert section break in word

Odd Page:

It has all the effects and uses as the Even page option, EXCEPT that the new section begins on the next odd-numbered page.

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