Perform Mail Merge in a Word Document - Techforearn

 Perform Mail Merge in a Word Document - Techforearn

Perform Mail Merge in a Word Document - Techforearn


In this learning article you will learn how to use mail merge function. After completion of this learning post, you will be able to perform mail merge function according to available data.

Purpose of Mail Merge Function

Mail Merge is a powerful tool for writing and sending a personalized letter or e-mail to many different people at the same time. You can also use it to create envelopes or labels with each recipient’ information. Mail Merge imports data from another source such as Excel and then use that data to replace placeholders throughout you message with the relevant information for each individual you are messaging. Yu can use it to quickly create personalized message for hundreds of people at once.

Perform Mail Merge in a Word Document - Techforearn

Mail Merge Function Using Given Data

Mail Merge mainly consists of two files, the Main Document and the Data Sources. The Main Document contains the information that will remain the same in each record, and the Data Source contains all the variable information, in the form of fields. This is the information that will change in the Main Document when the merge is completed. Along with the information that remains the same, the Main Document also contains merge fields which are reference to the fields in the Data Source.

If you have an existing file and you want to use mail merge, then follow these steps:

Go to Mailing Option to start the Mail Merge.

Click on the amil merge option and select the document type (Select Normal Word Document)

Now click on the Select Recipients to select the recipient. These are 3 option available for this step:

Create New List: to create new list of recipients click on this option, this sets up the name, mailing address etc. Of the recipients and then stored in a Word table, which can easily be transferred to an Excel Data Source later if required.

Use Existing Field: Let’s you browse to and open a word, Excel, Access or text file Data Source.

Select from Outlook Contacts: Use an Outlook or Outlook address book as the Data Source.

Select Create New List option to create a list of recipients. A new window will be open. Enter the value with required fields and click OK.

Click OK to return to the main document.

Save the main document.

Type the name that you want to give to your main document, and then click Save

Making Labels and Address Books

The procedure to make labels has the following steps:

To start the mail merge for labels, you should have a list of all the addresses. Make a list in Excel sheet including all fields that you want to add in Label and save it.

  • Open MS word in 2016 and click on the Mailings tab.
  • Click on Start Mail Merge and then select Labels.
  • When you click on Labels a label Options window opens. Go ahead and select the Label vendors.
  • Then select the labels you want and click OK.
  • Select Reipients and then select Use Existing List and use the excel sheet of address list.
  • Point to the location where the excel spreadsheet is located.
  • Select the appropriate Table.
  • After you click OK, your Word 2016 document should look like this. You should see each separate label.
  • Now click on the Address Block to specify address elements and then click OK.

Now you can see Address Block on your first lable. Then click on Update Labels option in Write & Insert Field Group, to apply changes on all labels.

Now click on Finish & Merge! But before you proint the document click on Edit Individual Document.

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